Expert Pentaho business analytics services.

About Adagio

Adagio provides Pentaho consulting and PDI specialists to help you with your Pentaho business analytics and data integration solutions.

We work with internal IT, Business Intelligence and data analytics teams as well as consulting firms and system integrators who need additional resources. Staffing agencies also come to us for short and longer-term contract assignments.

We have been in business for more than 10 years and worked on hundreds of projects representing more than 100,000 hours of Business Intelligence and data analytics work.

Our team has deep expertise in Pentaho and understands how to make use of the core application as well as Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) and other Pentaho tools.

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Our Services

Develop Custom Dashboards & Data Visualization

We provide tools and services to create custom dashboards and data visualizations with Pentaho and other industry platforms such as IBM CA, Tableau, Power BI and more. We partner with your business and IT teams to customize the Pentaho platform and leverage PDI tools and best practices to meet your specific business goals.

Data Integration & Analytics Solutions

We build Data Integration solutions that connect analytics with other applications. They are easy to use, configure, deploy and manage; and have the power to integrate, ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare diverse data from any source. Our solutions act as Analytics Hubs that integrate data flows from different sources and analytics platforms.

Data Architecture Planning

Our experts will help you create an optimal and powerful Data Architecture that supports the entire analytics cycle. We build and integrate dynamic infrastructure, use effective and non-disruptive migration processes that minimize error, cost and risk, and manage new environments to prevent technological obsolescence within a storage-agnostic approach.

What Our Clients Say

    “I strongly recommend Adagio´s Consulting services thanks to their high technical value, experience, strategic vision and the professionalism of their team.”

Luis Paulino Méndez – Rector | Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR)

“Adagio´s professional team were a fundamental part in the success of the project, providing excellent knowledge in the design of the solution and the tool.”

Alejandro Ferro – Chief Information Officer | Acodike

    “The Adagio´s team worked extremely well, with great dispositions to work with our team and committed to the project… ” 

Fernando Montañés – Consultant | UyGroup Consulting & Technology

Our Leadership Team

Federico Blezio

CIO & Co-Founder

Helping our clients achieve sustained success in BI, EPM, Interoperability, Data Quality, Architecture and Data Governance.

Pablo Ibarra Casals

CEO & Co-Founder

Working towards what we call “digital intelligence 2.0” through the creation of self-sustaining Business Intelligence and data analytics solutions.

Daniel Ferreira Zoppis

CFO & Co-Founder

Helping others achieve their personal and professional goals through the discovery and application of better Business Intelligence and data analytics.

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