Case Studies

Creation of an Automated Management System

◆Development of a Business Intelligence (BI) Platform for a National Gas Supplier Company◆ ∆We developed a BI reporting platform for the finance and commercial sector with a stock update system in real time. Taking into account the current Data Warehouse, a new one was designed along with its loading procedures. ∆We also defined and established […]

A Business Intelligence (BI) Solution for the Office of Planning and Budgeting (OPP)

➔During the past years we have been working for the public sector in several projects.  For this particular case, we have developed a Business Intelligence solution for the Government’s Office of Planning and Budgeting: the Budget Transparency Portal.  The project contributed to the purpose of the institution that is to advance in the information processes, […]

Information Management System: TEC

Adagio worked with the Institute of Technology in Costa Rica to create a new information management system using Pentaho technology.

BI Platform Consolidation

Adagio worked with a government’s social security institute to design and implement a business intelligence platform to provide self-management, report visualization and query tools.

Migration to Open Source

Adagio helped the Ministry of Social Development, UY – SIIAS migrate from a Commercial platform (IBM Cognos) to an Open Source Pentaho architecture.