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¿What is Data Governance?

》Digital transformation is disrupting businesses everywhere and data has become an organization’s most strategic asset for reaching, interacting with and retaining customers🧲. Data Governance is defined as the organizing framework for an establishing strategy, policy and objectives for managing your data just as you would manage any other corporate asset.

》Organizations need Data Governance to ensure the accessibility, usability, quality and security of critical data. With the right technology, Data Governance can also drive enormous business value and support digital transformation. 

》Successful data governance requires knowing where data is located, how it originated, who has access to it, and what it contains. Effective data governance is a prerequisite to maintaining business compliance, regardless of whether that compliance is self-imposed or required by industry or government mandates.   

》An intelligent Data Governance strategy and technology solution empowers organizations to manage its data and meet regulatory requirements and can also support the organization’s journey to digital transformation⚡💻

A Data Governance solution with Hitachi Vantara

》Data Governance solution can help your organization reduce the cost of data compliance, maintain visibility and control of user data. Furthermore, it can help to deliver actionable insights to drive more business value💰📊

》The Hitachi Vantara object storage solution, called Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), collects and securely stores every piece of relevant data and eliminates silos, which means individual elements can be easily sorted, compared and analyzed. Moreover, this platform streamlines mobile collaboration, end user data protection, and enterprise file sync and share, while ensuring secure, continuous data protection and access.

》HCP automatically collates, secures and indexes structured as well as unstructured data into a searchable data hub, making it easier to audit data for regulatory requirements and/or compliance. Because of its inherent flexibility, HCP can evolve to accommodate ever-changing industry regulations and the growing mountains of data.  By employing HCP organizations can develop a best-in-class compliance strategy, based on cutting-edge technology that not only strengthens IT control but also provides a key competitive advantage.

》Each component of the HCP portfolio works to consolidate, archive, automate, protect, search and analyze data. For organizations in heavily regulated industries, this helps to speed compliance investigations, minimize costly human errors, and free IT teams from time-consuming data searches and retrieval tasks.

》Adagio has built Pentaho tools that improve out team´s efficiency and user engagement, enabling us to benefit our clients. These tools can be applied in collaboration with Data Governance:

  • Pentaho Core BI™
  • Pentaho Processes Execution Engine™
  • Pentaho User Engagement and Platform Use Stats™
  • Pentaho Data Quality™

We have helped companies from the public sector to define both new data and architecture governance. With an intelligent data governance strategy, you can give your data meaningful context so that you can capitalize on its value and win in your market.

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