Our Experience

Adagio’s Pentaho developers have 10 years of experience providing expert support in the Pentaho Platform & Pentaho Data Integration.

Financial institutions
Public Sector
Consum & Retail
Energy & Services

Pentaho Tools & Apps

Adagio has built pentaho tools that improve our team’s efficiency and user engagement,

enabling us to benefit our clients.

Pentaho Platform

  • Pentaho Core BITM – Reduce implementation time by 55% or more. Streamline the most time consuming and routine processes in Pentaho. Generate automatic technical documentation for
    cubes, dashboards and reports.
  • Pentaho CollaborativeTM – Communicate directly with developers. Send embedded comments, validate data and graphical presentations and create alerts for erroneous data inside dashboards, reports or cubes.
  • Pentaho Processes Execution EngineTM – Streamline the scheduling, audit and control of execution errors during ETL processes. Define module execution, create notifications for execution output and errors and upload files and logs from visualizations.
  • Pentaho User Engagement and Platform Use StatsTM – Includes a cube, panel and set of reports to visualize user engagement and platform use. Our partners report user engagement growth of more than 30%

Pentaho Data Integration

  • PDI Rules Evaluator EngineTM – Decrease time spent on bug management by 65%. Automate validations of syntactic and semantic rules and processing of excel, text, xml and json files.
  • PDI Open Data Conversion EngineTM – This engine reduces costs for Government agencies by allowing them to easily publish Open Data from proprietary formats
  • PDI: Web Scraping & Machine LearningTM – Use PDI for web scraping, sentiment analysis, automatic file processing and other tasks that enable machine learning.