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What to expect with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the next years

»»Over the years, the rise of IA has transformed the very meaning of ideas, innovation and inventions. As companies take incremental steps to adopt AI and Machine Learning, the expectation is that AI will eventually be used in all parts of the business helping companies to meet their business goals✔. As artificial intelligence technologies proliferate, […]

Case Studies

AdagioTech |
A Business Intelligence (BI) Solution for the Office of Planning and Budgeting (OPP)

➔During the past years we have been working for the public sector in several projects.  For this particular case, we have developed a Business Intelligence solution for the Government’s Office of Planning and Budgeting: the Budget Transparency Portal.  The project contributed to the purpose of the institution that is to advance in the information processes, […]

AdagioTech |
Information Management System: TEC

Adagio worked with the Institute of Technology in Costa Rica to create a new information management system using Pentaho technology.

AdagioTech |
BI Platform Consolidation

Adagio worked with a government’s social security institute to design and implement a business intelligence platform to provide self-management, report visualization and query tools.

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Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

📱 With the rapid growth of social media, the sentiment analysis, also called opinion mining, has become one of the most active research areas in natural language processing. Social media sites, online forums, and news feeds generate an enormous amount of data about companies every day. This amount of information is analyzed and processed to offer […]

Best Practices for Using Pentaho PDI to Process Large Datasets

Best practices for using the Pentaho PDI tool can help optimize your integration of large data sets and processing information. Learn more.

How to Use Pentaho to Publish Open Data for Government

Adagio has been involved in the publication of open data since its inception, having developed for AGESIC the ‘Data preparation and opening process’ which enables the publication of data in the National Catalog in a simple and automatic way. Read more.

How to Analyze User Engagement and Performance in Pentaho Community Edition

Pentaho Enterprise Edition has the “Pentaho Operations Mart” but Pentaho Community Edition does not! Find out how to analyze performance and use issues.