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📱 With the rapid growth of social media, the sentiment analysis, also called opinion mining, has become one of the most active research areas in natural language processing. Social media sites, online forums, and news feeds generate an enormous amount of data about companies every day. This amount of information is analyzed and processed to offer insightful predictions in an easy and comprehensible manner🙌

The Sentiment Analysis (also known as opinion mining) refers to the process of analyzing the natural language behind a series of words (for example: texts, publications, tweets ) to identify and extract subjective information. This information is classified according to the opinion and emotion that it expresses😄☹️. This type of analysis allows brands and organizations to track certain information like brand perception and popularity, company´s reputation, new product perception and much more.

☑️ An interesting project we worked in Sentiment Analysis for the public sector☛Big Data: Social Media Analysis

➡️At Adagio we worked in a project with the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) along with the Institute of Youth (INJU) to extract data from their social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  We developed and implemented customized panels that allowed INJU the analysis of their information.

➡️For this project we implemented  open source technologies using the connectors provided by each one of the networks. The job was based on both quantitative and qualitive information, including different components of opinion and sentimental analysis. It also included the technical training and knowledge transference for the MIDES employees.

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