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Adagio worked with the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS), Uruguay to build an Open Source architecture to support information analysis and coexist with the existing commercial platform, complementing and collaborating in a hybrid scenario.

Adagio worked with the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS) which is the government’s social security institute to design and implement a Business Intelligence platform to provide self-management, report visualization and query tools.

Adagio provided strategic consulting services to consolidate and evolve the use of Open Source to support the bank’s Business Intelligence needs.

A new intra-organization “Query Management” system was implemented, with Pentaho as the technology core. This tool enables  users to get answers to commonly asked questions on their own. In addition, Adagio implemented the following:

  • A Balanced Scorecard designed with Pentaho
  • A Pentaho based information visualization tool that extracts data from different and diverse sources to provide insights on tax refunds
  • A query tool that provides the taxpayer with better information about the status of their social security (Implementation of a consultation tool for the situation of certificates to inform the taxpayer about sent notifications and situation regularization)

An important part of this initiative was ensuring that data from the Business Intelligence platform could be published to the Internet and made accessible to the public in a web application.


The “Query Management” platform created significant savings in the human resources required to perform routine tasks and allowed internal users to focus on improving their own processes. The platform which allowed taxpayers to investigate the status of their refunds online allowed hundreds of users to get updates at the same time eliminating what previously would have been a long wait on a telephone call and dramatically improving citizen experience.

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