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In the context of the Improvement of Higher Education project, promoted by the Government of Costa Rica, the Institute of Technology in Costa Rica, known as the Tecnológico of Costa Rica (TEC) was entrusted with strengthening the planning, decision-making and accountability processes of key areas for the strategic objectives of TEC and created a Pentaho data warehouse to accomplish the task. .


Adagio worked on the creation of an academic and administrative information and management system. This involved the design and implementation of a Pentaho data warehouse that aggregated information from the different areas of the University (Management, Teaching, Research and Extension, Student Life), and grouped the data into different topics and subtopics.

We also worked with the University team to construct more than 150 predefined reports. The technological platform used for the warehouse consists of PostgreSQL as the database engine, Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho BI and CDE for panel development.

The project was completed using both onsite and offshore resources with half the technical team in the ITCR offices (Costa Rica). The Adagio team provided analysis, diagnosis, modeling, data loading, development, training and support.


As a result of this effort, the management of the TEC now has up-to-date and high-quality information that allows them to understand how the policies and procedures of the TEC and the economic resources invested by the Government of Costa Rica have had impacted compliance of the TEC with the Government’s academic goals.

The new analytical platform allows TEC to provide high-quality information more frequently in the Institutional Transparency Portal which ultimately improves the satisfaction of students, teachers and citizens who are impacted by the performance of the TEC.

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