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Development of a Business Intelligence (BI) Platform for a National Gas Supplier Company

∆We developed a BI reporting platform for the finance and commercial sector with a stock update system in real time. Taking into account the current Data Warehouse, a new one was designed along with its loading procedures.

∆We also defined and established varied time procedures to be able to predict different queries that involved these sectors.  Once the new Data Warehouse was designed, the most relevant dashboards and reports were created. These covered the Financial, Commercial, Production, Logistics and HR areas, providing information on multiple media such as web control panels🌐, reports📊 and interactive PDFs📈.  

Moreover, it included a control panel with commercial information over an interactive map of the entire national territory. The BI platform allowed to work on annual, generic and specific budgeting as well.   

∆Along with the development of the platform we created training plans📝 for both the technical and functional users. The main objective was to obtain feedback as well as possible improvement solutions to ensure the correct application of all users👌.   

► This project lasted 8 months📝 and was developed on MicroStrategy.

⋙At Adagio we provide tools to create custom dashboards and data visualizations with Pentaho and other industry platforms such as IBM CA, Tableau, Power BI and more⋘

⋙ We partner with your business and IT teams to customize the Pentaho platform and leverage PDI tools and best practices to meet your specific business goals

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