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➔During the past years we have been working for the public sector in several projects.  For this particular case, we have developed a Business Intelligence solution for the Government’s Office of Planning and Budgeting: the Budget Transparency Portal.  The project contributed to the purpose of the institution that is to advance in the information processes, products and information transparency, through the use of BI solutions.

We developed an automated Accountability visualization tool. This tool not only enabled more engaging presentation than traditional reports but also enabled users to perform analytics in an agile and dynamic manner. In conclusion, the evolution of this solution allow the optimization of internal processes for the preparation of the organization Accountability report.

At Adagio Tech we help deliver complex analytics solutions by accelerating Pentaho and PDI implementations. We provide expert Pentaho development and support services when you need them most. Moreover, we bring an Agile approach to every project we work on, focusing on delivery objectives and ROI driven development.

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